Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quick update

Well, we are at long last home again. It feels good, well feels good except for the copious piles of laundry. We had such a nice time in California. Not so nice that I am signing up to move there or anything, but a good time none the less. Here is what is going on

-Matt is out of town. yes, again. He was home for about 36 hours. I am surprised he has any clean underwear to pack. Maybe he doesn't, so if you live in New York, give my hubby some grace for going commando.

-Raksha, the mama kitty is no longer at our house, she is being adopted into a "forever home". To soften the blow, Georgia brought us some kittens. Some being 5. Yes 5 kittens. Eliana is in heaven and I must say that the babies are really cute. Nigel, Nora, Nelly, Nubbins and Nyla will either leave our home very well socialised or in need of kitten therapy.

- I am about to kill the darn dog. He is peeing on EVERYTHING and right now has very few redeeming qualities. He needs a better home than ours where he get a little more love.

- Tuesday we have an appointment at Children's Hospital. I want it over with so I can stop thinking about it. Annabelle is doing well. We tried doing some dairy and had 3 days of nasty diapers and tummy aches...yeah, won't do that again.

-Addilyn's new line is "I can't mama, I am just a little girl". She pulls this out when any task seems too difficult or just un-fun.

That is about all that is going on here. I will be posting some pictures of California soon!

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Jennifer McHam said...

Yay! Welcome home! I know we're still not even within spitting distance but for some reason California just seems farther away. Funny post as always. So sorry I missed your call yesterday - We had company over and was putting dinner on the table at that very moment. Pop & Mimi leave tomorrow; will call soon to get the update on the meeting and catch up on my G time. Miss you; love you!