Sunday, September 12, 2010


Meet Aunt Darlene. This is Matt's Aunt and my girls think she hung the moon. See her lap full of children? Yeah, that is normal. My girls quickly learned to ask her for something instead of me, they always like her answer better than mine! They have an awesome house with a play room and pool in the back yard where we crash while we are in the Orange County area. I am surprised my girls came home with us, they would have been happy to stay forever!
This is Eric and Adrianna, Matt's cousin and his wife. The have two beautiful little girls who my children loved playing with. They, too, have an amazing home which they opened up to us.

And here are the big girls, Addilyn, Eliana, Brooklyn and Sophia. The little ones are Annabelle, Presley, and Ava but they won't hold still long enough for a picture.

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