Friday, September 24, 2010


I suppose it was inevitable. All of her friends are into it, it was only a matter of time. The last few months the evil "Disney Princess" bug has hit our house hard. Gag.

I have a couple of beefs with these chicks, one being they always need a man to come save them. That beauty reining supreme is enough to make me shudder. I feel like it goes against a lot of what we try to teach the girls. Things like beauty doesn't matter and you can work to fix your own problems. These pretend women are willing to change who they are, give up everything, all for a man to love them.

And now, for icing on the cake or insult to injury, Eliana wants to be a princess for Halloween. I will let her, begrudgingly. She has the right to choose to pretend to be what she wants. I want her to feel like it is ok to be into things that I am not, she is her own person with her own mind. But that doesn't mean I won't show her some other, much cooler choices.


Denise said...

Now, the thing that bothered me the most about princesses/Barbies when I was growing up was their perfect looks. I was not tall (hard to believe, huh?), did not have the perfect shape and my hair was not straight/flowing (another hard to believe). They were everything I wasn't and I never got the guy. They made me, personally, have a bad image of myself and until I came to know Jesus and take on His image of me I was goofed up.

Now, this doesn't happen to every gal who does princesses/Barbies but it's my experience.

Honeycutt Family said...

You know my thoughts already:
*it is just a phase that most little girls go through
*girls want to know if they are delighted in (i.e. "Captivating" book) and we are all God's Princesses
*most of the princesses in the books and movies had to overcome hardships and had a good attitude about it and didn't become spoiled.

I think if you talk to the girls about these things and discuss what they can learn from them, it is a good thing!

Love you, friend! And welcome to my world! :)

Jennifer McHam said...

Friend. You went to Disney two weeks ago. Did you not think she would discover the princesses? They are only the prettiest, frilliest girls there! No wonder she wants to be like them! Don't read too much into it. Now BARBIE I have a problem with! Stupid boobs and pencil thin waist.

Denise said...

Yeah, I definitely had more of a problem with Barbie now that my memory is being jogged by you gals.What can bother me is I've seen little girls that get that princess mentality that says, "I am the be all end all."

Kari said...

I'm 29 years old and still hoping for my knight to come save me! :-)

Jen and Jenny are right...just a phase and there are good morals to pull out of these story lines that empowering, lovely, and fun.