Monday, February 1, 2010

Frugal Fashion: Part 2- The Assessment

Off to the closet (and, if I am being totally honest, the bedroom floor) to see what I already own that might be considered in style.

Boots: I have these in black flats and brown heals. I also am the proud owner and wearer of FUGGS (fake uggs, so dubbed by my friend Kari) which Matt tells me are unsexy. Unsexy as they may be, the are soft and keep my feet warm. They are also huge and easy to find both of, which is a plus.

Funky tights: I have black tights which are decidedly "unfunky". I do have a pair of black and gray stripped tights which straddle the line between "funky" and "practical". Might need to buy some that are a bit more fun...or at least more colorful.

Tunics: I don't have one. I have a couple of longer fitting shirts that are, you guessed it, cotton knit. Solid color. I toss out several sweaters that are just to short on me. I toss out some unflattering turtlenecks. I dig these out of the pile and decide to do something more fun with them (dress for Eliana? Hat for Jen and Reece?)

Scarves: I have some of these but they often disappear. My house is usually in some state of disarray and my children like to perform the dance of the 7 veils with them. Note to self: must keep better track of accessories and keep children out of my closet.

Menswear: I consider approaching Matt's side of the closet for this but decide that it is cheating. I do have a cute, short black pin stripe jacket thing. And I have a long black sweater vest that could be cute. Adding a "suit vest" to shopping list.

Boyfriend Sweaters: Ugly sweaters? Check! Unflattering Sweaters? Check! I do have a cute long brown sweater, but it is chunky not fitted. I too, am chunky and not fitted so I am not sure if this makes the sweater better or worse? Might need to add one of those to the list too.

Also added to the shopping list: fun chunky necklaces, another pair of cute flats (really, can a girl have too many pairs of shoes?) something ruffled.

I am not doing to bad once I pull out the stuff that is out of date or just plain un-cute. I have several pair of jean that fit. I need a pair of khakis or black pants but I am not doing too bad on bottoms.

What not to wear:
1. Anything Disney if your over the age of 10. Especially while pregnant. Your having a child, not turning into one.

2. Mom jeans: If the hit your belly button they are too high. If they taper in any way at the bottom it isn't good. Dark wash is better than light and more flattering.

3. Super chunky shoes: Dated and best left to the young.

Comming tomorrow: Part 3- the shopping!


angela said...

Love your blog Mama. Thanks for educating this incredibly out of style mama.

Kari said...

Sounds like you're totally dialed into the good stuff! Yay! You always look so cute!