Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meatless Meals

On our menu each week I try to include at least one meatless meal. This both helps us stay in budget and pushes us out of our chicken/beef/pork/pasta rut. Here is my current favorite. It whips up in about 15 minutes and is healthy, filling and yummy.
Mix one cup of hot water with one cup of MeSaCa (find in the Hispanic part of your store, it is in a white bag)salt and mix. Let set until cool enough to handle. Shape into patties about the size and thickness of your palm. Fry up in oil, flipping when lightly browned. Cool slightly, slice length wise and stuff with cheese.
Huveo's Rancheros
Open and rinse a can of black beans, mix with half a cup of your favorite salsa and dump into a skillet. Heat until bubbling. Make a 4 "wells" in the beans and crack eggs into them. Salt and pepper the eggs and cover the skillet. Cook until eggs are as done as you like them (we are an over-easy family)
Serve the above with a green salad. If your feeding more than 2 you will need to double.

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