Thursday, February 11, 2010

Potty Training- Part 2

"Your so big, Addie, you trained the potty!" Eliana age 4 to Addilyn age 2

Eliana lost interest in potty training Addilyn when she refused to perform on command. Addilyn was thrilled to find yet another way to annoy her sister. I ignored the whole thing. I am not a fan of potty training and certainly didn't want to bother with it while I am feeling stretched thin anyway. I figured I would fight that battle this summer, when it was warm enough to be naked.

The other morning Addilyn didn't want to wear a diaper. She is two and gets random opinions about stupid things, I don't fight it. I told her that was fine but she couldn't make a mess on the floor. She agreed. Several times that morning I would see her come up stair, muttering under her breath. She would go into the bathroom, put the potty seat on the potty, pull over the step stool, pee, wipe and flush. She didn't make a mess on the floor...ever.

I was in denial about it for about a week. Addilyn was stealing Eliana's underwear. Finally my sister said "Will you just buy that kid her OWN undies already?!" My friend Sarah thought she deserved her won new undies too and brought her some Elmo ones.

Since that day Addilyn has been out of diapers except for nap and bed time. She has had an accident or two and doesn't like to use pottys away from home very much, but over all the kid is potty trained. Go figure.

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McHam Family said...

Yay Addie! You show that potty who's boss!!!

P is doing well too - hasn't had an accident in two days!! Woo hoo! He wears a diaper at nap and bedtime but so far (2 weeks) he has ALWAYS woken up from nap time dry. For the past few days I was just setting him on the pot every 30 min. or so but yesterday and today he's told me on his own. YAY BABY P!! You're getting so big!!!