Monday, February 8, 2010

When the Cat's away

I am sneaky and proud. My girls are over all good eaters, but I am not above sneaking in extra good stuff if I can get away with it. Last night was a perfect example. It was cold and wet and Matt had left for the week to New York and the girls requested "silly waffles". I agreed.

To the girls, "silly waffles" are nothing more than waffles we eat for dinner instead of breakfast, therefore making them silly. But I am a sneaky mama. When I make waffles, I always sneak in a little extra nutrition. Sometimes it is in the form of baby food carrots or pumpkin, last night it was bananas. I also add a couple of tablespoons of ground flax and an extra egg for more protein.

Not wanting to get everyone hyped up on maple syrup (which we happen to be out of anyway) right before bed, I told the girls we would be having them with peanut butter and jelly. Natural peanut butter and whole fruit jelly are guilt free. I served them with a side of fruit. The girls ate a ton, which they always do, and I felt smug.

Of course I ate mine with sliced banana, pecans and a drizzle of Carmel sauce. Hey, I am the grown-up, I can eat them with caramel if I want to! I was going to take a picture of this fabulous dinner a la food blogger but my camera battery was dead. On both cameras. Sigh...I long for the days when I grow up to be one of those responsible adults who doesn't forget to buy the syrup and knows where the battery charger is located.

Tonight's dinner will be Sweet and spicy Asian pork shoulder, stewed apples, rice and a salad. The meat and apples are cooking in my 2 sided crock pot, the rice is ready to go and the salad is left over from the other night. Look at me, the good mama, caring for the nutrition needs of her family. I guess I will just have to pretend that I ate more than a pumpkin doughnut and chips and dip for lunch, just so I can feel Superior.

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McHam Family said...

heehee :) We have been eating like snow bunnies for two days. Yesterday because it was the Super Bowl and we broke out the chips and queso early. (Shoot that stuff in my veins.) Today because we were actually snowed in. Why not get a little fatter and hibernate. Hey - try this: Mix 8 cups snow, 1 can condensed milk, and 2 t vanilla extract - YUMMO!!