Friday, February 19, 2010

Small World

God is in the interruptions. We make plans and God shows His hand in our lives by throwing our plans out the window and giving us opportunities to do something else. Tonight was that something else.

We only own one car and it is not by accident. If we have 2 cars, we have 2 payments and more insurance. It isn't only because we are cheap (thrifty?) but we just don't NEED 2 cars. This is where Bobrock comes in handy. He is the nice Afghany man who drives Matt to the airport when he travels (which is alot). Over the past year or so, Matt and Bobrock have formed a relationship of sorts. This week he invited our family over for dinner at his house. We accepted even though is would have been so nice to spend the evening sitting on our butts, which was the plan.

I was a little nervous. We were going to the house of almost perfect strangers from a different culture. Would I say something offensive? Would my children behave (Addilyn did pee on the floor of a restaurant last week)? What if the food was nasty? I was immediately appalled by the fact that all my worries could be boiled down to "what will they think of ME?". How often do I ignore the God interruptions because I am afraid of what others would think?

The evening was wonderful. As soon as we got there Eliana and Bobrocks daughter Sami ran off to play. His older daughters loved Addilyn and Annabelle. The food was amazing, though I am not really very sure what I ate. Bobrocks wife was sweet, quite and demure, everything I am not. His wife's sister (I would give you names if a. I could remember them b. I could spell them and c. if I had any clue how to pronounce them) was kind and funny. Parenthood is the great equalizer and they have 4 daughters and 6 nieces and nephews. She come from a family of 16 children by 2 wives and he comes from a family of 12. She was married at 16 and hasn't worked (outside the home) a day in her life. They have a beautiful family and home.

What if Matt and i had decided to stay home tonight? What a blessing we would have missed. I am not sure how the relationship between our families will develop, but I hope it does. And for the record, no one peed on the floor, the food was wonderful and I am not even sure that Eliana noticed that they looked and dressed differently than we do and was on her best behavior. Next time God interrupts, I hope I am quicker to say yes and not so quick to worry about whats in it for me.

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Honeycutt Family said...

That is awesome. I'm so glad you guys went and were blessed. It is always hard for me to obey when God prompts me too....