Friday, February 26, 2010

Things To Make

- Magnetic "paper" doll set for Elie: I found a 9 x 13 metal cake pan with lid, paper doll pattern and now just need to buy the magnetic printer paper and cut them out.
- 3 sock monkeys: I have the socks and stuffing now I just need the time
- 4 hoodie towels: Towels are sitting in my ever-growing "to be sewn" pile
- 2 Swaddling blankets for the babe: Annabelle will only sleep well swaddled or held. She is currently much to big for "normal" size swaddling blankets and I can't hold her all the time. I have the fabric and now am dreaming of owning a serger.
- 3 baby gifts: I have a LOT of fun ideas but haven't decided for sure what I will make, all the babies are BOYS so there goes all the fun, frilly stuff.

I want a craft room. Matt wants me to have a craft room so I will stop leaving my sewing machine on the table. I also want a nanny so I can do all the crafts I have in mind. Oh yeah, and someone who has decided to finance my life, where can you find those?

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McHam Family said...

I have been making some cute boy burp cloths. Buy about 1/2 yard of a few diff't fabrics (try Wal Mart for cute cheap fabrics). Buy 12-pk. burp cloths (Gerber - wal-mart). Buy spool of grograin ribbon (wal-mart - love that place). Eye-ball size of fabric to cover middle, padded section of burp cloth. Tear to ensure straight line. Tuck under sides and pin. Pin ribbon down two edges. Sew. Voila. Takes me about an hour to do four but they sell for like $20 for 2 at boutique stores so it's a nice gift.