Monday, May 23, 2011

Can't resist

I was out of baked goods today. It was a little scary, but I pulled through. It was because I left the last of the blueberry oat bars I made for my dad. I just couldn't resist leaving him with a little treat, even though I know he will eat them for breakfast and it will leave me without a treat to go with my tea.

Sometimes you just can't walk away, even when you know what is good for you. The pull is just to strong, you fight and loose, and it feels good. We all have weaknesses, what we can't resist, her are a few of mine:

- Eatting a finger full of frosting while making a cake, even though I shouldn't
- Taking a looooong nap on Sunday afternoons when I have a "to-do" list a mile long
- Squishing my bare feet in mud...just a little, even though it ruins my pedicure
- Spending a little extra time snuggling a sleepy eyed baby, fresh from the bath, even though she is old enough to put herself to sleep
- The words "mommy, will you read to me?" while I am right in the middle of doing something else
- Gluten free baked goods of any kind though my jeans are already tight
- Singing to the radio when I am in the car by myself, the louder the better, knowing I am totally "one of those people"
- A great deal on shoes as my closet overflows
-Letting my girls play and giggle in their beds, long after lights out, because what is the point of having a sister if she isn't your best friend?

Not all temptations should be given in to, but sometimes a girls just can't help herself.

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Denise said...

The only one that sounds like a minor weakness is the shoes... but, hey, you do have cute shoes!