Friday, May 13, 2011

Whip Lash

Maybe it is because I like to keep people on their toes...or maybe God just has a sick sense of humor....but get ready for a little whip lash in keeping up with us Crockers.

The very day I wrote the post that we were moving to CA, our world got flipped, topsy turvy. Samsung, who Matt had interviewed with several weeks before and was giving him the run around, we had counted as a loss. Oh well, on to sunny CA. That day Matt got a call. Apparently, right after they had interview him, Samsung was put on a hiring freeze. The guy in charge actually flew to Korea to get permission to offer Matt the position. Hence the delay, the poor man was running all over the globe.

Sony gave us an offer for a CA move. It was pathetic, hardly a cost of living increase and not enough for a family of 5 to live in SoCal. Samsung offered ten grand more in base pay plus 20 grand more in bonuses. And a much better job. And then Matt went back and asked for more. And got it.

So East we are headed. Samsungs' offices are right outside Manhatten, so we may move from suburbia to a little more big city life. The move isn't forever. We are not selling our house or buying one there. After Matt has done this position for a few year, he will have so many options.

My heart is sick about leaving friends, family, our home. But it will be an adventure, a chance to grow together as a family, and best of all, Matt won't be traveling any more. We haven't had that since we have had children and I look forward to having my husband home for dinner most nights. Wish us luck!

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