Monday, May 9, 2011

Sugar Free and Me

Not so long ago, I went to the Doctor. It had been a while. The last time I had seen a doctor I was having a baby. Since the trip was long over due, I had all my blood work and such done. Everything came back just fine...well, almost everything.

The same genes that make me a celiac are also the ones they see in diabetics. Double whammy crappy genes. My fasting blood sugar came back at 99. You are considered pre-diabetic at 100. Ugh. I have been successfully ignoring this information for months.

Last week I went to the doctors again, twice in one year! This may be a non-pregnant record for me. I hate going to the doctor, it is expensive and inconvenient and they always find a reason to poke you. I was discussing with my doctor my up-coming surgery (don't freak out, it isn't anything big, just a bump in my hand) and she asked about my over all health. She asked how I was handling my blood sugar. Funny thing about doctors, they don't really want to hear about how you find the whole thing entirely inconvenient and have decided not to deal with it.

And so. I have a new "prescription". Eat like a diabetic and do cardio. I hate cardio and like sugar, so this truly cramps my style. Oh yeah, and my husband is always gone and I am trying to get stuff ready to move across the country. But sure, why not add something else to my to do list! As you can see, I am still working on my attitude.

Since I am a nerd, I have thoroughly researched what my new lifestyle should look like. Apparently cardio helps your body use the sugar it has a hard time metabolising, which is why I can't just do yoga and call it good, my heart rate needs to be up. And a diabetic diet isn't as awful as I thought. It just means I can't eat the last 4 bites of someones pbj and a handful of chips for my lunch anymore. I have to pay attention. Basically my plate needs to be half veggies or high fiber fruit, a 3 oz serving of meat and no more than half a cup of carbs per meal. I need to eat 3 snacks a day to keep my blood sugar from going crazy and those snacks can't be all carb and should contain a good fat.

So for the last week I have been watching what I eat. And while I certainly wouldn't miss about 20 pounds, that wouldn't fix this problem. I will do this for a month and see what my sugars come back. Wish me luck, and maybe I will be able to rock the short shorts by the end of the summer.


Kari Marie said...

Oh, you POOR thing! That is seriously annoying! I am soooooooooooooo sorry to hear that. I can only imagine your stress level!

I would LOVE to join you for a walk sometime, so let's plan one! We'll get that heart rate up in no time!

Sarah said...

Ok, that is just plain old not fair! I will have a talk with God on your behalf. If you can't eat gluten you should at least be able to comfort yourself with gummy bears!