Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits- In my Pantry

I like looking in peoples pantry's and refridgerators. I find it fasinating what people keep on hand. Generally it is considered rude to search through cupboards when you are a guest in someones home, so let me save you the social faux-paux and just TELL you what I keep on hand.

On my shopping list every week are the following:
fresh fruit- always at least 8 banana's that won't even last us 3 days
milk- 3 types including almond, lactose free and whole
coffee creamer- cinnimon vanilla is the current fav
eggs- we go through at least 2 dozen a week

Things that I always have on hand include:
canned beans
canned tomatoes
frozen veggies- we don't eat canned
pasta sauce and pasta
coconut milk
peanut butter
hummus or stuff to make it
corn chips
corn tortillas
yogurt and cottage cheese
some type of canned fruit

It is always funny to me what people think of as necessities. We don't usually keep a lot of convienience foods on hand because 1. they usually are not gluten free 2. they are usually not that great for you and 3. they are expensive and I am cheap. This might change some day when I have to make quick and easy lunches for my kids. From the above list I can usually whip up something passable for dinner. And when I can't, Chili's has curb side take away.

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Honeycutt Family said...

You can look in my pantry whenever you want, friend. It won't be as healthy as yours since we buy Cheez-its and such. :)