Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Interview with my girls

What is the best way to spend your day?
Eliana-I like playing with my friends, going places like the circus and parties and the zoo, and eating yummy food.
Addilyn- play and eat cupcakes

What is your favorite food
Eliana- Peanut butter and jelly, pancakes, cupcakes and cereal
Addilyn- chocolate chip pancakes and cereal

Eliana- Mama? Why are you doing this?
Me- Because I remember what you liked when you were five.
Eliana- Can we go to the mall today?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Eliana- A fire fighter, a ballerina and an artist
Me- why?
Eliana- Because I think it would be fun, and I like to be pretty, and art is fun!
Addilyn- I will be a grown up and sleep in mamas bed

How do you make bread?
Eliana- With flour and seeds, special seeds and milk. Put them in batter and then cook them
Addilyn- Salt, sauce, sugar. Stir it and cook it and then we eat it!

How much does a car cost?
Eliana- A bunch of money! Maybe $20?
Addilyn- (holds up 2 fingers)

How about a new toy?
Eliana- If we were at the dollar store it would only be $1! A new toy can cost as much as the store keepers want.
Addilyn- (holds up 1 finger)

If you had $100 what would you do?
Eliana- I would buy something, like a bunch of toys, or an American girl doll.
Addilyn- I would buy lots of toys for Annabelle. Like a special hippo.
Elian- oh, thats nice. Mama, do you have $100?
Me- yes
Eliana- Ohhhh, i want to get paid for something!

How do you get to nana's house?
Eliana- Oh, thats a hard one. You eat snacks and read books and talk in the back. Go left and then right.
Addilyn- We drive our car! Past the walking park and then we go in!

What is the ickiest thing in the world?
Eliana- Bugs!
Me- You like bugs.
Eliana- I know, but they are icky. Mud is icky too...POOP! That is very icky. And the inside a worm, that would be very icky.
Addilyn- Mud! Ewwwww. I not like mud. Otis walks around and makes mud on the floor

What do you think school will be like?
Eliana- I think it will be fun!
Addilyn- Playing and eating like we eat in Elies class

What will you learn there?
Eliana- I learn to read, and write. I will have snacks and play outside a recess.
Addilyn- we learn ballet, and cars driving

What are you good at?
Eliana- I am good at a bunch of stuff. I am good at helping people, I am good at playing pretend princess and being a mommy
Addilyn- standing on tippy toes, playing and reading

What do you still need to work on?
Eliana- Reading and driving and doing dishes and putting them the right way in the dishwasher
Addilyn- Ridding my scooter, it is to wobbly. But it is a princess one!

Who is God?
Eliana- God is a person just like us, he is very kind and helpful and very, very, very loving. We can talk to him. I think he looks big with a white dress and short hair and a beard and a great big smile on his face.
Addilyn- God helps us sleep and feel better. He has two big eyes, a nice smile, and hair same like your hair. He is our friend


Kari Marie said...

That is just precious. So precious. Awwwwwwwwwwww...made my day!!!

Sarah said...

Aw...sweet girls :-)

Honeycutt Family said...

This is too cute! I love that Addilyn said she is good at walking on her tiptoes and their ideas about how much things cost. Ha, ha! :)

Honeycutt Family said...

My comment that I left before got deleted by Blogger...sooooo...

I love this post! Makes me smile to read that A.J. is good at standing on her tippy toes and what both girls think about how much a car costs! :)