Monday, May 30, 2011


May 31- Take both dogs and 3 children to vet to make sure every ones shots are up to date
June 1- House measured for carpet
June 2- Drive with girls and dad down to Sand Dunes to camp with friends
June 3- Camping!
June 4- Drive home from camping. Pack girls to stay at sisters and me for New Jersey
June 5- Drop girls off at Woods, drive to airport, fly to New Jersey
June 6 and 7- Find a house to live in
June 8- Matt and I fly home
June 9- Finish baking wedding cake
June 10- Drive to Colorado Springs for Rehearsal dinner. Matt is a groomsman and girls are flower girls. Oh, and I made the wedding cake
June 11- MY BIRTHDAY and my brother in laws wedding. He wins.
June 12- Drive home. Celebrate my birthday with my family
June 13- Hand Surgery 11 am. Hopefully Matt will be home for this
June 14- Matt flys back to Jersey. I do things one handed for a week.
June 15 to 17- Finish getting everything ready to move
June 18- Going away party
June 19- Sabbath? Ha! Last day to get things done. Pack for a week of homelessness.
June 20- Packer come and pack all our stuff
June 21- Movers pack our stuff into truck
June 22 to 25- Lay carpet, finish bathroom, have cleaners come
June 26- Goodbye Colorado. I will miss you

So, what does your month look like?


Honeycutt Family said...

Ugh! We need to squeeze at least one coffee/park date in there, ok?!? And, I'll be around on Tuesday, 6/14 and Thursday, 6/16 to help out when you are doing things with one hand. I can come over and help or you can bring the girls here...whichever you prefer!!!! Love ya, Gretch!
P.S. I'm sorry I never called you yesterday to go shopping. We did a family hike and then a Memorial Day BBQ.

Kari Marie said...

I'd like to give you a proper send off and birthday celebration...mexican food and the grizzly rose. Which of those nights can you do it? I'll have my sister babysit. :-) A Thursday or Saturday night???

curlyjo said...

holy guacamole...i'm tired just reading that.

Jennifer McHam said...

You should drive to Jersey and somehow map your route through Arkansas. Little Rock to be more specific. ;)