Monday, January 18, 2010

Big Girls

I have been struck lately how quickly my girls are growing. My friend Jen posted a picture of out daughters when they were babies. My other friend Jenny (yes, I have a lot of friends named Jen, you should see all the Amanda's I am friends with!) posts all these pictures of her little boys who don't look so little any more, and they are the same ages as my girls!

I was again reminded of how not little Eliana was while shopping. I was hitting the sale racks, buying clothes for her for next year, shopping in the baby to 5T section. As I walked to the front of the store, I noticed the little girl section has some sale racks. Drawn to the "75%" off stickers, I checked it out. The extra small size is 4/5. Elie wears that size. My baby wears clothes from the little girls sections. Oy. How did it happen? I mean, they sell little tiny bras in that section, surely she isn't there yet!

I did manage to buy 3 pair of pants and 6 shirts, all for under $2 a piece, which cheered me up considerably. Elie may be 5 next year, but at least she won't be naked.

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McHam Family said...

Ha! Well, she should be happy about that! ;) :) I was shocked yesterday at Target that they sell the bras for little girls too - I mean, I couldn't fill some of those out and I'm 31. Hmm. Maybe this is more of a Jenny problem...