Saturday, January 9, 2010


I am so blessed, I have grown up knowing all my grandparents. Both sets love Jesus, have been married for over 50 years and have good relationships with there kids. Neither set is perfect or claimes to be, but they have been so good to have in my life. It is fun that my children have gotten to know them. The above is Grandma Betty holding Addilyn.
My Grandpa had heart surgery. He was doing well but is now in the ICU. My Grandma just fell and broke her hip. It is so hard to watch them get old and fragile. I want to help, to honor who they have been in my life. I want my children to see what it means to help those who can no longer do everything themselves. I want my grandparents to live the rest of there lives in comfort, knowing they have family around them that loves them.
And yet. If I could I would move them in with me, but our house is too small and we have too many stairs. If I could I would put them up in a place where they had people to take care of them and they felt comfortable, but we haven't the money. If I could I would visit each of them every day so they would know that they are loved, but I have 3 small children. So I am left praying, sending the occasional meal and telling my children what wonderful people they have as grandparents. I doesn't feel like enough.

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McHam Family said...

You are a fantastic granddaughter. I am sure they feel very loved and lucky!