Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yes, Christmas was a while ago but I have some cute pictures I wanted to share. Why now? Well, my friends, while I am not a great "details person" my husband is worse than I am. This explains why our house looks like it does. It also explains why we couldn't seem to find the card reader for the camera we used to take all our Christmas pictures. Matt just got a new one. Mom, I could hear you sigh just now. You too, Grandma.

A family tradition of ours is opening one present on Christmas eve. That present is always new pj's. This year the theme was pink and brown polka dots. Here is Annabelle sporting hers.

If this doesn't capture the essence of what it is like to open present on Christmas morning with three small children than I don't know what would.

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McHam Family said...

Awesome!!! Great "capture" shot too :) !!! It is madness isn't it??? Ours too. Love the brown & pink polka dots - huge fan. Now we need to get them some knitted caps with big flowers to go with their tutus. YOU MUST TAKE PICTURES OF THEM LIKE THIS!!! Oh how I wish I had girls - For some reason I just can't convince Tristan & Pierce to wear the tutus. DOES ANNABELLE HAVE YOUR EYES?!?!??! She is GORGEOUS. Can't wait to meet her. Mark is on board. I am going to book a trip with me & T. Let me know when's good. xoxo