Saturday, January 16, 2010

Soccer Mom

I used to be cool. Ok, not really really cool, but at least passable so. Not so much anymore. I drive a mini van. My entire wardrobe can be summed up in 2 words: jeans and cotton knit. I have become the yoga pant wearing soccer mom I never wanted to be. Lest I offend anyone, I have nothing against soccer moms, I just didn't want to BE one.

I like clothes. I like fashion, trendy things and funky stuff that expresses who I am. What does it mean then that most of my clothing is solid color, functional and disproportionately black and white?

Today I was shopping at Target today, like I do every Friday I checked the sale rack. You know I love a good deal. I came across a cardigan I liked in white and a cute sweater in black. I picked them both up, knowing they will match everything I own and would be highly functional. Sigh. I bore even myself.

And then I saw it. The fabric is dry clean only, it was not kid friendly and I can't think of one place I am going in the next six months that I would need to wear it so of course I went and tried it on. It was cute. Really cute and on sale. I bought it if for no other reason than to prove that I can not only look like a grown up instead of just a mommy, but I can look sexy too! Somewhere beneath the spit up stains, cotton knit and denim, there is a woman who actually gives a rip about how she looks. Maybe some day when I have had a little more sleep, a few more dollars and the ability to use the bathroom by myself, I will find this lady. I will introduce myself to her and pray by boobs are still perky enough to look good in my new, little black dress.


McHam Family said...

Yay! Good for you! You deserve a treat too!!! I am thoroughly enjoying your daily blogs by the way ;) Mark said once to me "Why are you spending so much money on your hair anyway? It's not like we go anywhere fancy." Um. Yeah. But if the opportunity were to come up, I'd like to be prepared. Plus, it makes me feel pretty. Which makes me feel more amorous. Which means you get more - Well, you get the point. He immediately agreed that I should get my hair done whenever I felt like it :)

Honeycutt Family said...

Good for you!
I feel the same way sometimes. That is why the last time I went to Kohl's I bought a cute, blue, cleavage-showing shirt instead of the comfortable, charcoal gray, ribbed turtleneck that I am always drawn to.