Sunday, January 3, 2010


In case you were wondering (and I know that deep down you were) January's flower is carnation and the stone is Garnet. Also, if you didn't get enough celebrating last month, here are some things to celebrate this month. I didn't make these up, January is...

California Dried Plum Digestive Month
Book Blitz month
Bath Safety Month
National Hot tea Month
National Cervical Screening Month
Oatmeal Month
Volunteer Blood Donor Month
Soup Month

So go put your feet in stirrups, have a cup of tea and some prunes while you enjoy giving blood. Ring in the new year right!

Oh, and if that isn't exciting enough, today is JRR Tolken Day, National Chocolate Covered Cherry day and "Remmember You Die" day. Woo Who!

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McHam Family said...

Ummm... Okaaaaaaay... I think I'll celebrate with a warm bath and a cup of hot tea instead ;) And today I'll have some chocolate covered cherries and remember that it doesn't matter how fat I get because we're all going to die anyway. That's the spirit ;) !!