Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Potty Training

We are always in a rush. When our babies are tiny, we can't wait for them to sleep through the night, forgetting in our sleep deprived haze how sweet it is to snuggle in the wee hours of the morning with a tiny little one. As they get a little bigger, we want them to walk. While concentrating on how nice it will be not to have a back ache and a babe in arms, we forget that a child who walks is a child who gets into a lot more stuff.

Potty training falls into this same category. When the focus is not having to scrape poop of a tiny hiney, we forget that for the next few months we will be visiting every bathroom at every place we go (no pun intended). Not only will we be visiting the potty's, we will be making a mad dash to them trying to get there in 4.3 seconds notice we received before the inevitable puddle on the floor. And I won't even discuss the poop, least the childless who read this decide never to reproduce.

Addilyn is potty training and not because I want her to. If I did want her to, she wouldn't. Elie is potty training her and Addilyn is catching on. At home she doesn't want to wear a diaper and she does pretty good. She likes the "big girl" aspect and Elie likes the fact that if she take Addilyn to the potty and Addie goes, she gets a jelly bean along with her sister. Elie also likes to be in charge of anything, including when others pee. If it goes well, I will be hiring Eliana out to those of you with toddlers in diapers who want them trained. You provide the jelly beans.


Kari said...

That is hilarious...I can just see Elie assertively pulling her sis to the toilet and then reporting back with all graphic updates to earn her prize. And Addilyn will do anything that wins praise from her big sis...so comical!

Denise said...

Ditto to Kari. I can sure picture the whole scene in my mind. Of course, I can also picture the time when Addilyn does not want to go potty and Elie is trying to convince her; but jelly beans rule!!!

McHam Family said...