Thursday, January 7, 2010


When Matt is out of town, dinner is dismal at the Crocker house. Nothing is more infuriating that spending 45 minutes juggling kids and cooking a meal only to have no one eat it. Then I have to clean up. This is what we ate this last week:

Hot dogs, oranges and crackers
Taquitos, guac and pears
Banana Waffles
Eggs and toast, bananas
Tacos, guac and chips

Not very impressive but all things my kids will eat. Next week Matt will be home and when he is home we eat well. I am making the menu now and it looks much better. I usually base my menu on what is on sale and what sounds good. I try to have a chicken, beef, pork, and pasta meal. In the summer we have one salad meal and in the winter we have a soup meal. At least one meal is meat free. We try to eat seasonal. Here is what it looks like for next week:

Baked peanut chicken, asparagus and brown rice
Teriyaki pork with pineapple, potatoes and broccoli
Greek salads with feta, tomatoes, and chicken basil sausage
Spinach rice frittata, salad
Cowboy hash (ground elk, corn, tomatoes, and beans) over rice, salad

Now that my menu is planned I make my shopping list. I go to the store once a week, on Friday afternoon. Matt watches the kids for me and I hit at least 3 stores. Still, our food and household budget is over $125 a week. Ouch. It is only going to get worse as the kids grow. What's for dinner at your house?


Kari said...

I am proud to say I had a real dinner last night: ceasar salad and ravioli. Wow. That needs to happen more often. Cereal has often made the list of top dinners or Annie's All Natural Mac 'n Cheese. It's fancy cooking in a household of one. :-)

McHam Family said...

YES! Love this post!! I was just thinking of starting a recipe club. I'm going to email you about it. We spend more than $125 a week. You're doing great.