Sunday, January 31, 2010

Frugal Fashion: Part 1- The Education

After considering (and blogging about) the sad state of my wardrobe I decided to shop. My ever supportive husband gave me half of a small windfall that had come his way and being so financed, I was off.

Except I wasn't. I first had to do some research to what was even consided fashionable currently. Not only that, but I had to figure out how to make those styles look good on my almost 30 (gulp) and slightly chubby frame. After some research and considerable time web surfing, these are the fashions that are "in" that can be pulled off in my mommy lifestyle.

1.Boots: Tall or the bootie kind. I have tall boots in black, brown and coyboy.
What not to wear: Matt told me there is nothing sexy about Uggs. Oh well, might wear them anyways.

2. Funky tights: Worn with tunic style tops or skirts. Pair with ballet flats or boots.
What not to wear: beige tights or hose
3. Longer shirts/tunic style tops: Can be flowy or fitted. Hippy-ish.
What not to wear:Shirts that just hit the top of your pants are out. If you raise your arms and belly shows, your shirts too short.

4. Scarves: Worn around the neck with tops, not jackets. Accessories go a long way to make you look up to date. Scarves are easy, cheap and fun to toss on with whatever you have got.
What not to wear: Ummm...pretty much anything goes on this one

5. Menswear: Pair a guys suit vest with anything uber girly. Pinstripes. Mini tuxito coats. Masculin looking items
What not to wear: don't over do this one, you still want to look like a girl.

6. Boyfriend sweaters: long sweaters that are fitted. Worn layered.

What not to wear: turtleneck sweaters or sweaters that just come to the top of your pants, they look dated.

Also in: fun chunky necklaces. ballet flats. fur. REALLY tall boots. ruffles.

Step one was to tackle my wardrobe. I pulled out stuff that doesn't look good on me. I did worry that I had some things in the laundry, if they needed to be washed then I have obviously been wearing them and don't want to toss them out. I grabed out shirts that are too short or too fitted. I pulled out things that were stained and ratty. We will examin the contents of my closet on the next blog post

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McHam Family said...

Woohoo! I'm so excited for you! Can you dress me next??? ;)