Thursday, January 21, 2010


If you are in any way related to me, feel free to skip this post. If you are the type of person who slows down to gawk at a car wreck and reads gossip magazines in the check out line (or buys them!) feel free to enjoy.

It randomly hit me last night while reading an article in Redbook that my wardrobe is seriously lacking. Yes, we have discussed this before, but I am talking about ANOTHER area of my wardrobe. I don't own one cute nightie. Not one. Pity my husband, I have become one of those boring wears t-shirt to bed type ladies. Truly, it isn't all my fault. I had some at one time, but managed to "grow" out of them. I am practical and cute little lace and satin things are not. That, and I have yet to find one that caters to lactating women. Come on Victoria, get with the program! Some of us actually USE our breasts for functional purposes instead of entertainment!

I have already told Matt that I am buying all new under garments. I have beige nursing bras and stretched out cotton undies. Wow. No wonder my husband travels. Even typing that is depressing. Once again, this is not totally my fault. Nursing bras are less than sexy. New underwear is expensive and I am cheap.

I believe my relationship with my husband in all its aspects should be a top priority in my life. Matt loves me, cotton britches and all, but I would love to get my sexy back. I want to embrace all the "hats" I wear as a woman; mother, sister, friend, wife and lover. Here is to a new set of drawers, made from something other than cotton, a bra that supports my finest assets and maybe even something cute to wear to bed.


Kari said...

We should go shopping at The Rack this weekend...they have cute, nice stuff!!!

Even Target has some good stuff as well!

McHam Family said...

We just had this conversation (me & Mark). Guess what Santa brought me for Christmas??? I am going to have to exchange more than half of it... Thankfully my sweet husband still remembers my butt as the size that it USED to be ;) haha. Our poor deprived men!!!

NLWilliams said...

Victoria's Secret has lost ALL of my business b/c their clothing is not meant for normally sized women.
How frustrating to try to get something nice only to find that nowhere sells anything you can actually wear! And how do you know whether or not the thing is going to really WORK for you until you've worn it for a day or two, you know? Trying it on and doing a couple of twists in a dressing room is just not enough.
I want a place that sells good quality, cheap undergarments that actually fit in a myriad of sizes with a return policy that allows for chafing :)
Let me know if you find any good places to purchase the goods.
I will be in need myself once the womb-dweller's lease expires in a couple of months.