Monday, January 4, 2010


Welcome to an evening at the Crockers. Please keep hands and feet to yourself at all times and get ready for the adventure!

Annabelle wakes at 5 (or I wake her) and eats. Dinner for people with teeth at 5:30. "Family clean up time" for about 15 minutes at 6:15. Everybody under 4 feet tall gets naked by 6:30. Bath time! Scrub-a-dub-dub, three girls in a tub, Eliana's favorite bath toy is Annabelle. Baby gets out, lotion and jammied. Next comes Addilyn, Eliana is left to get herself out, dried and into her pj's. Mama feeds baby and puts her to bed while big girls read books on the couch and eat popcorn. Baby down, mama gets Addilyn, brushes teeth, reads a book, prays and puts her to bed. Mama jumps into the shower and Eliana listens for the babies. Speed shower, forget even trying to shave legs. Read books on couch with Eliana until 7:30, talk about our day, brush teeth, pray and off to bed. Mama comes back down and does all things she never had a chance to during the day including wash dishes, fold laundry, sweep floor, clean kitchen. Start dish washer, grab the baby and nurse her as we both fall asleep by 9:30.

This is how my evening goes, Matt is out of town until the 11th and that is why it is written as a one man show. I would write about how our whole day looks, but I would hate to scare off those considering have children. I have seen it people do the whole day in photos but I'm not doing that. It would betray my secret that I actually live in yoga pants, rarely do my hair and my children often look like street orphans. Yesterday I realized my teeth were fuzzy at about 8 pm meaning I never brushed them that morning. Oh the glamore..

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McHam Family said...

Teehee :) !! Great post!!
PS - Do I see your mom in Annabelle?!?!?!?!?